The Evolution of the Resolution


It’s January, that time of year you start making resolutions for the year ahead.

Or do you?

I’ve never been much of a fan – not to say that I avoid them altogether – I just don’t wait for January 1 to make it happen. If I decide I want to do something or achieve something, I just start to do it, regardless of what the calendar says.

Resolutions typically become a short-term reality of an obligation that we have put on the back-burner for some time.

January is a good time to take stock of how you want the year to unfold, but the beauty of a new year are all the incredible things that will happen when we leave life to chance.

Maybe it’s a healthy balance of resolution (with follow through) and an openness to the spontaneity of life that can make the coming year our greatest adventure yet.

Happy 2015.


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