Cat skiing might have ruined me for good

Catskiing might have ruined me for good. Not in a bad way, of course. It’s just that once you’ve experienced firsthand that sensation of floating through deep snow amongst the trees down a perfect fall line, it’s hard to go back to “regular” skiing.


Photo by Alan Heidel, Castle Mountain Resort.

Even as spring days get longer, the area near Castle Mountain near Pincher Creek, Alberta can get great snowfall through to the end of the season.

I grew up skiing across Alberta and BC, but hadn’t yet tried catskiing. It certainly won’t be my last – from the exhilaration of climbing the mountain in the trusty climbing machine, to exploring uncharted terrain, pillows of snow in wide open spaces and tree-lined gullies.


Photo by Alan Heidel. Castle Mountain Resort.

Each time you climb back up the mountain, it’s a welcome rest for weary legs before the next run. Stopping from time to time to look around affords incredible Rocky Mountain views in a silent, peaceful valley.


Laughter shared with strangers quickly makes them friends. The solitude of the powder runs lets you live in the moment, focusing on your next turn in the untouched snow. Skiing is good for the soul.

You can read more about my adventure at the Calgary Herald or



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