A True Story I Didn’t Have To Share

Sometimes, we encounter those little embarrassing moments that we vow we’ll never share…and then we do.

I spent part of last week in Austin for a conference. The full days and evenings left little time for leisure, and to and from the sessions I kept walking by this very inviting hammock.

Finally, one afternoon, as the sessions wrapped up, I stole away for five minutes to enjoy a little down time in the warm Texas sun. Getting comfortable, I thought I’d take a little snapshot to remember my brief “ahhh” moment.
Leaning ever so slightly to the left to take another shot, I promptly got flipped by the hammock and tossed into the lush Texas grass.
My finger still on the shutter, I later realized I had accidentally taken a photo as I hit the ground.
Embarrassed but laughing, I took my lounging elsewhere.
Let’s face it – even hammocks know when it’s time to get back to work.

3 thoughts on “A True Story I Didn’t Have To Share

  1. I’m surprised. Your experience with hammocks goes back a long way. You lounged for hours in the one by the creek in Vernon.

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