Five Years Ago Today, I…

Five years ago today, I took my first step on a journey I’ll never forget. Starting June 9, 2008, we headed out from Astorga in Northern Spain to hike a section (270km) of the famous “Santiago” trail, commonly known as the “Camino”.

Steeped in rich history, and named in honour of St. James,  the entire trail (780km) has been walked by pilgrims and adventurers for over 1,000 years. But it meant so much more to me.


The terrain was spectacular – from mountains to vineyards, to farms, cobblestoned villages and lush forests.


The trail, marked by scallop shells and yellow arrows the entire way, helped lead me to my next rest point, meal, nap, or glass of wine (depending on the kind of day we were having). Besides the blisters and aching quads, I loved every inch of the walk I took.

The Camino has been one of my most treasured travel adventures, and recently I have found myself thinking about the trail more and more often. I can’t wait to one day get back to Spain and hike the Camino in its entirety.


My walking adventure prompted me to write an article for Swerve Magazine: FollowTheArrows.


Happy Fifth Anniversary, Camino – I can’t wait to see you again.

One thought on “Five Years Ago Today, I…

  1. It’s amazing the profound effect these kinds of experiences have on our lives, how we even celebrate the anniversaries of them, as you have done so well.

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