Unleash Your Inner Californian in San Diego

San Diego – It’s the little sister to the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Often categorized as “that place with Sea World, the Zoo and Old Town”, those who merely scratch the surface miss out on the laid-back vibe, great dining and off the beaten path neighbourhoods that make you feel right at home.


San Diego’s Catamaran Resort is perfectly perched between Mission Bay and the ocean, at the crossroads of Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Access to the bay offers gentle water for activities like paddle boarding and sailing, while the big waves on the ocean side offer surfing, beach combing and stunning sunset views.




The nearby neighbourhood of Pacific Beach feels like a southern Vancouver. Quaint, tree-lined streets with old homes are mixed with friendly bistros and coffee shops.




I love the beach because it has a sense of timelessness – people have enjoyed beach time in the same way for decades, and when I’m there, it doesn’t matter what time it is.


So go ahead, let your inner Californian come out and play. It’s time.

Read my Calgary Herald story about San Diego here.

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