The Moments in Between

Summers are full of adventures – hiking through valleys, climbing towards peaks, running up and down trails. But sometimes it’s the moments in between that give us some of our best memories.


When was the last time you just stopped to enjoy the world at your feet? In Banff, Parks Canada has realized the importance of moments in between with some thoughtfully-placed, cheerful chairs, in some stunning locations.


From here, you can gaze at the peaks to plot your next hike, enjoy an early morning cup of coffee, or watch the blue-green Bow river meander through the valley. Other chairs are located in welcome rest areas, like this one located partway between Canmore and Banff on the Legacy bike trail.


If you’re one to always want to keep moving, take a seat on your bike, exploring the area (and conveniently parking almost anywhere you please).


At the end of the day, reflect on the moments of your day on a sunny patio, like this one at the Juniper Hotel & Bistro, overlooking Banff.


Do you live for the moments in between? What’s your best Banff memory?

Read more about Banff in my Calgary Herald article.



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