Please Stop Using That Four Letter Word

I saw this great article being circulated and discussed among a few of my friends, and I too found myself thinking about the concept of ‘busy’.

We all have commitments and obligations that fill our days – some we create and others that are imposed upon us. Recently, I’ve tried to become more mindful of where I commit my time; making the hours in my day (work and play) more meaningful.

Do you reflect on what you’re doing and why you do it, or do you go with the pull and let each day rule you?

I like the idea that it’s okay to take time to be idle – for some reason we’ve been hardwired to always be doing “something”. It’s true – our best ideas, inspiration and memories are created from moments that started by doing nothing.

Oh, and for quite some time now I’ve tried to banish that four-letter word (‘busy’) from my daily vocabulary.

So take some down time, but do it in a good place – after all, lazing in an oceanside hammock or gazing at a mountain vista is definitely still better than…


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