Get Your Backside To The Backcountry

Skoki Lodge is one of my “happy places” – A place I return to again and again.

Like an old, familiar friend, you can pick up where you left off with ease, and you’re always greeted with open arms.

For me, the 11-km long trail to access Skoki (by hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter) has become a welcome pilgrimage…up the valley from Lake Louise’s Temple Lodge, past Halfway Hut, between the giant rocks of aptly named Boulder Pass, to new vistas at Ptarmigan Lake. Then, the final long heave up Deception Pass before a winding descent into the Skoki Valley.

Deception Pass


Whether it be summer or winter (or anywhere in between), my reaction to the setting remains the same:  The mountain scenes along the way take my breath away, the pure silence of the valley always catches me by surprise, and the power of nature and weather evokes a sense of adventure.


Turning the last corner of the trail and seeing the familiar log wall of the lodge and smelling the wood-burning stove leaves me giddy every time.

Skoki Lodge


This particular trip was marked by good company, lots of laughs, time for reflection, plenty of snow, four-seasons-in-one-day weather and a few spills on our skis. You know it’s been a good weekend when your face hurts from smiling.

Skoki Lodge, I can’t wait until our next reunion. Don’t change a thing.


What’s your happy place? Is it time for a visit?

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