It’s Springtime Somewhere

Waiting for summer (or spring for that matter) to arrive in Calgary can be a seemingly unending game of false starts and teases. Here we are, hovering at the edge of nighttime freezes and that time of year where we hesitantly swap our winter car tires for the all seasons. Every day, I peer at the trees, wondering when they’ll “pop” and green leaves will emerge (any day now).

I had a taste of spring on Vancouver Island last weekend, where green lawns demand to be mowed, trees are dripping in bright pink cherry blossoms, and (dare I say) mosquitos are out in full force on the running trails.

Maybe the “less predictable” life near the Rockies makes us appreciate those sweet summer days even more. Until then, I’ll keep my eye on the forecast and keep coaxing those spring blooms to grow.


4 thoughts on “It’s Springtime Somewhere

  1. ah yes, waiting for summer…I do love the seasons though! welcome to blogland! 🙂

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