It’s Not What You Wear, It’s How You Wear It

I’d been fighting a stubborn heel injury for the past couple of weeks. With spring having finally arrived in Calgary (see previous post), I was really anxious to get outside, but couldn’t get my running shoes on without a lot of pain. With a looming first 10km race of the season, I was unsure if I could run. Then, with a quick glance at an old pair of running shoes and a pair of scissors – inspiration!

I cut out the top half inch of the heel of my old running shoes and added a spare insole so that I could get them on (relatively) comfortably and get back on the trails.


Race day came and I got through the race under my goal time. It wasn’t a PB, but I was really happy to be out there.

Sometimes, injuries need rest, and sometimes, you just need to get creative and compromise.

Shoes 2

Wearing ghetto no-tread cut-up running shoes? Still better than sitting at home.


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