Sand In My Shoes

A recent trip to Tofino, BC let me take in one my favourite coastal rituals – beach running. There’s something about those foggy early mornings, the subtle give of the sand beneath my feet, the crashing of the waves, and of course the oxygen-rich sea level air that gets me lacing up and out there before the crowds flock to the shore.


Granted, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, but for me, it’s the sense of never knowing what to expect that adds to the charm of the beach. The waves might be lapping or crashing, the tide comes and goes, the water’s hue always has a mood of its own, and the welcome high tide debris of starfish and sand dollars often decorate the shoreline (just watch where you step!).


It’s mornings like this that make me adamant in believing that beach running is one of life’s ultimate reset buttons. Whether you’re squinting from the morning sun’s rays reflecting off the water, or staving off driving wind and battering rain, logging a few kilometres at the beach rarely feels like a chore.

Where’s your beach?


You can also see this post published on the Tourism Tofino website:

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